The City of East Bethel consists of five departments that work together internally and with other agencies externally to create a safe, vibrant, stable, and friendly community for families and businesses. The Mayor and City Council are assisted by an excellent staff of employees. You can contact East Bethel City Hall by:

  • Phone: 763-367-7840
  • Report a concern online
  • Visit us in person at 2241 221st. Avenue NE

Department Information

This department provides the administrative direction for the city.

Community Development
The community development department encourages and supports private and public efforts to improve our quality of life.

In this department, financial support services are provided to the entire city government organization, including purchasing, taxes, and more.

The fire department provides fire suppression, emergency medical service, automobile extrications, ice rescue, fire prevention, fire inspections, and education services.

Parks & Recreation
Managed under our public works department; enjoy an afternoon or your next event in one of the town’s parks or facilities.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office strives to protect and serve the community in a manner that preserves the public trust.

Public Works
The work of the employees of the public works department touches the lives of residents and visitors daily by providing for the maintenance of city streets, parks, and municipal facilities.