Property Sale Requirements

In 2014, the City of East Bethel adopted the requirment that properties have a Septic Compliance Report within 3 years prior to a sale or transfer indicating a Compliant septic system. A Septic Compliance Inspection and Report must be obtained from a licensed SSTS Inspector.  MPCA licensed Septic Inspectors can be found here:

The City of East Bethel does not have any well water testing requirements for property transfer at this time. 

Property Sale with a Non-compliant Septic System Requirements

If the Septic Compliance Report indicates a Non-compliant septic system, there are two options:
1. Repair or replace the septic system to bring it up-to-code prior to the property sale or transfer. 
2. Have the funds escrowed with the City to repair or replace the system.

Steps to escrow funds for a noncompliant septic system:

  1. Acquire a septic design from a MPCA licensed designer to repair or replace the failing septic system. 
  2. Obtain two estimates from MPCA licensed installers to install/repair the system. 
  3. Submit two copies of the septic design to the East Bethel Building Dept for plan review (allow 10 business days for plan review) along with the two bids and the completed Septic System Escrow Application Design Cover Sheet. 
  4. Once you have been notified that the design is approved, closing can move forward. Bring the two-page Escrow Application to closing for completion.  Wet signatures of all parties will need to be obtained.  
  5. Submit the following to East Bethel Community Development department after closing:
    1. The completed Property Sale with Noncompliant Septic escrow application.
    2. A check or money order for 125% of the price listed on the highest estimate. 

The deadline for the septic system being brought up-to-code will be 10 months from the closing date for standard noncompliance. The installer who will be doing the work will need to submit a permit application to the building department for the permit and design to be released. 

If an installer is chosen to be paid from the escrow funds submitted, they must be the installer to complete the work.  Funds will be released accordingly (as agreed upon on the Escrow Application) when the system passes its final inspection with the City Building Inspector. 

For questions on this process, please contact the Building Department, at 763-367-7844.