Well Information

Approximately 70 percent of all Minnesotans rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water, and one million Minnesotans rely on private wells. Wells and borings used for drinking water, irrigation, industry, groundwater monitoring, heat pumps, hydraulic elevators, and other purposes must be properly constructed, maintained, and sealed (filled with an impervious material) when removed from service, to protect both public health and our invaluable groundwater resources.

Well information is monitored by the Minnesota Department of Health in the Well Management Section Central Office.

To find your Unique Well ID, access the Well Index from the Dept. of Health and search for your address. It helps to select Hybrid under Base Maps to see the aerial view. 

Get a copy of the Well Owner's Handbook.

Read up on Where Your Drinking Water Comes From.

Get answers to questions on How to Find a Well and Sealing Unused Wells.

Anoka County Well Water Testing information. 

The Know The Flow website is a water resources management initiative to provide public information and coordination among Anoka County agencies, communities, and water management organizations.