Pet Licensing & Permits

License Information

We are currently issuing tags and licenses for 2024.

Licenses are required for all dogs over four (4) months of age in the City of East Bethel. We do not have City ordinances regarding cats, and licenses are not currently required for them.

Pet licenses are free but require proof of a current rabies vaccination. The Certificate of Rabies Vaccination is the best proof of this. Most often, this certificate is included with the paperwork from the veterinarian’s office after an exam or office visit.

Licenses are valid for the calendar year (January 1 through December 31) listed on the tag. If your pet's rabies vaccination expires during the current calendar year (before December 31), the license will expire on the same day as the vaccine.

Application forms to receive licenses for dogs are available at City Hall or online.

For more information about City ordinances regarding dogs, or regulating animals in general, please check the City Code.