East Bethel Booster Days Medallion Hunt

The 2022 Booster Days Medallion has been FOUND!

Lukas and Benjamin Schmitz found the medallion under the footbridge at Booster East park.2022 Winner Photo

Join in on the family fun!

The Booster Days festivities will begin with the start of the citywide Booster Days Medallion Hunt. Enthusiasts in our area will scour the community for a chance to discover the location of the Medallion. Starting Monday, July 11, 2022 one clue will be released each day, until Friday, July 15. Each successive clue will narrow down the correct search area. The lucky participant who finds the Medallion will win! (The prize for 2022 is yet to be determined, and will be posted upon confirmation.)

2022 Booster Days Medallion Hunt Official Rules

  1. The Medallion Hunt will begin on Monday, July 11th, 2022.
  2. No registration is required and the contest is free.
  3. Clues will be posted by the Booster Days Committee and/or City of East Bethel Staff by 10:00 AM (but no later than 10:30 AM) in the following locations:
    • This website page (City of East Bethel website, Booster Days Medallion Hunt page)
    • East Bethel Booster Days community Facebook page
    East Bethel Booster Days website
    • Cable Channel 10
    • Display board at the entrance to East Bethel City Hall
  4. A new clue will be posted each subsequent day until the Medallion is turned in. Each clue will have two parts. The first part will hint at the location of the medallion. The second part will indicate where searchers can find a puzzle piece. When assembled, the puzzle pieces will give a clue indicating the exact location of the medallion.
  5. Daily clues posted are the only information that will be provided. No additional clues, hints, or answers to any questions will be provided. Questions will not be answered in any form.
  6. The East Bethel Booster Days Medallion, a 2.75" round medal with a black insert, is hidden within the city limits of East Bethel, MN.
  7. The Medallion will not be located on private property or within any structure that is not publicly accessible. Trespassers to private property may be held legally accountable for their actions as the law states.
  8. Searchers assume all risk of personal injury. Participants must use reasonable care, precautions, and safety awareness. Good sportsmanship will be expected, and all laws, rules, and regulations must be followed. Violations may result in disqualification.
  9. Searchers must not damage public property or violate laws/ordinances. For example: city parks close at 10:00 PM. The Booster Day Committee reserves the right to discontinue the hunt if public or private property is destroyed, or if searchers become a nuisance.
  10. The Medallion will not be located any higher than 6 feet off of the ground.
  11. The Medallion will not be located near any hazardous conditions such as power lines, water features, roadways, or railroad tracks.
  12. The finder of the Medallion must report to City Hall by 3:00 PM on Friday, July 15th, 2022 with the Medallion in their possession, and report the finder's information and where the Medallion was found. Arrangements will be made for verification. An announcement will be made on all clue-posting locations when the Medallion is found.
  13. The finder will receive a prize (to be announced), to be awarded on Saturday, July 16th during the Booster Days event activities preceding the fireworks display. If the finder is not able to attend the Booster Day activities to accept the prize, other arrangements will be made with the finder within one week.
  14. If the Medallion is not turned in by 3:00 PM on Friday, July 15th, 2022, the hunt will be terminated, and the prize will be awarded via random drawing of attendees at the Booster Days event.
  15. The decisions of the Booster Days Committee are final.

Employees of the City of East Bethel, members of the East Bethel Booster Days Committee, and members of their families residing in the same household are not eligible to participate.

2022 Medallion Hunt Clues

2022 Medallion Hunt - Primary Clue 1