Geographic Information System (GIS)

Find your zoning, parcel size, legal descriptions and more by using our Geographic Information System.

What is a Geographic Information System?GIS of City Hall_thumb.png

Geographic Information System or GIS is an integrated collection of computer software and data used to view and manage information about geographic places, analyze spatial relationships, and model spatial processes. GIS provides a framework for gathering and organizing spatial data and related information so that it can be displayed and analyzed. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a product of GIS.


Search allows you to find properties using many parameters such as address, PIN, street name, and Subdivision name.


Once you have a property selected, than you can find the results beneath the search boxes. The results will display parcel information along with acres, legal descriptions, zoning, whether or not you are in the shoreland district, and provide links to county plat maps and property tax records.


Base Layers are which aerial photo you want to show. We have many years to choose from. If you have multiple years selected than the most recent one will show. This gives us the ability to look back in time and see the condition of the property in past years.

Land Records

Select the arrow next to the box to see the options. Address labels, subdivisions, empty lots, section lines, and zip codes.


Select the arrow next to the box to see the options. 2-foot contours (elevations), FEMA floodplains, wetlands, significant Natural Environmental Areas, Shoreland Overlay Districts, and zoning.


You have the ability to put shapes, lines and text on the map. If you start drawing a shape or a line and decide you do not want it, you can hit escape. If you already put a shape, line or text on the map and decide you want to delete it, than you can right-click it and select delete. (If this is not working property, try selecting the Mouse Pointer option at the top of the Draw menu and try again.)


The legend will show you what features/layers are selected to show.

Creating Maps

You can print a map by selecting the print button in the upper right hand corner of the map. You can create a title and select which size to create. If you select "Print Property Info" than most of the information in the results will show. If you do not select it than it will show a legend.

The maps and data available for access at this website are for assessment and reference purposes only. These maps should not be used as a legal tool for any legal conveyance or transaction, or for designating official floodplain.