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Senior Resources
East Bethel Senior/Community Center!
In a small room in East Bethel City Hall, the East
Bethel seniors organized with 29 members in early
1995.  A new building, which all first time visitors
described as "awesome", was completed in 1998. 
At the present time, the membership has increased
to around 60.  Activities, both social and community,
have also increased thanks to a rather small, but
dedicated group.  With the senior population
expanding greatly, our needs are growing.  We
sincerely extend our appreciation for your interest
and support now and in the future. 
Everyone is welcome!  Visit the East Bethel Seniors 
website for more information.

Schedule of Events
Start Participating Today!

Pancake Breakfast
Pancake breakfasts have been discontinued.
Thank you to all who worked at the breakfasts
and also to those that attended the breakfasts.

Senior Community Center
2241 221st Ave. NE
East Bethel, MN  55011

Ph: 763-367-7868 or 763-367-7869
FX: 763-434-9578

Rent our Center!
Our Senior Center is available to rent
for parties, banquets, receptions, etc.
The facility can accommodate up to
200 persons. For more information,
contact Dennis Swen at 763-434-9244

Interested in Joining?
Just call Vice President/Membership Chair
Edith Packard for details: 763-434-6610
Annual dues are just $10.00 per person

Coon Lake Community/Senior Center
The Coon Lake Community/Senior Center offers Pancake breakfasts, Coffee Times, lunches, and more. Visit www.coonlakebeach.org for more information.

Resources for Seniors in Anoka County
Visit the Anoka County website's page for seniors.  Links include information on social worker services, programs for economic assistance, a network of services for family and/or caregivers, and volunteer opportunities.

View the Anoka County Resource Guide Senior resources section

Twin Cities Senior Housing Guide
The new Twin Cities Senior Housing Guide is out. The Guide can be picked up free of charge at senior centers, libraries, and in most pharmacies located in Lunds and Byerlys grocery stores. Contact them at 651-690-3141, or visit their website at www.seniorhousingguide.us.

If you are trying to assist an older homeowner, there is a "Chart of Housing Options" which explains housing options starting with condos, coops, townhomes (least care) to nursing homes (most care). The book includes everything except nursing homes. Senior Housing Guide is also available for presentations on "housing for mature adults" and "how to use a reverse mortgage to purchase a new home" and other senior housing related topics.