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Building Inspection & Permits
For questions or to schedule an inspection, call (763) 367-7844.

Credit Card Payment Authorization - 
Fax in your permit application with this Authorization form, and have the permit emailed back to you!

Permit Fees - Fees are listed on each permit application too!

Informational Handouts 
- Help sheets on different types of construction projects.

Permit Applications:
*Needs Plan Review. For permits that need plan review, you'll need to know your zoning, acreage, and whether or not you are in the Shoreland Overlay District. You can find this out by searching your property on our GIS mapping systemThis information will determine what your setbacks are. Setbacks may be different in the Shoreland Overlay District and near wetlands.

Size of Accessory Structure

Permit Application


0-119 sq ft

No permit required, but setbacks must be met.

The Accessory Building Pamphlet will answer most of your questions on what is allowed!

120-199 sq ft

Accessory Building Zoning Permit

200 sq ft or larger

Accessory Building


Alteration, Basement Finish, Remodel, or Repair

*Basement Finish - See Alteration, Basement Finish, Remodel, or Repair

Commercial Building

Deck and Porch

Demolition or Removal


Electrical - Residential

Electrical - Commercial

Energy Code Compliance Certificate

Escrow Application - If work is not completed before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued. 

Fence under 6 FT. - a certificate of compliance is required in R1 and R2 zoning after the installation of the fence.

Fence over 6 FT.

Fire Suppression System

Fireplace or Wood Stove

Manufactured Home

Mechanical HVAC - Commercial HVAC does need plan review

New Single Family Home Construction

Plumbing or Water Heater

*Remodel or Repair - See Alteration, Basement Finish, Remodel, or Repair



Sewer and Water Access


Septic As-Built

To search for a local licensed septic contractor, click the link and insert Anoka in the "County" search box.

Septic Maintenance Log 

*Septic Permit

Septic Pumping

Septic Tank Reuse Form


Sign Permit - Permanent

Sign Permit - Temporary

Swimming Pool

Water Heater - See Plumbing Permit

Water Meter

Windows and Doors

Obtaining a Permit & Plan Review
The Building Division makes every effort to complete the required plan review within five to ten working days; however, during times of increased workload this process may take longer. All plans are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. The Building Division will contact the applicant when the permit is completed. Building plan review may take up to two (2) weeks during the busy season. If Zoning review is also required than please allow extra time. To speed the process of plan review than all information must be included at the time of submitting the plans to the City. If additional information is requested than both Building and Zoning plan review is put on hold for that project. Commercial construction projects must also pass plan review conducted by the East Bethel Fire Chief. Please plan accordingly as construction cannot begin until after Plan Review has been completed.
You may submit a Permit Application by either dropping them off at City Hall with payment, or mail the application and payment to 2241 221st Ave NE, East Bethel, MN 55011. If you mail it in, please provide either an email address or a self-address envelope with a stamp. Thank you.