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Public Notices
Public Notices will be posted here for the current year and one previous year only. Please click on the Name / Link to view the full Public Notice.

For questions about City Council Public Hearings please contact Jack Davis by calling (763) 367-7850 or email.

Planning Commission Public Hearing Notices:
Date Type Location Name / Link
 1/24/2017 Variance/CUP - Exterior Storage 18579 Hwy 65 NE North Metro Motors
3/28/2017 CUP 3255 Viking Blvd NE Go For It
3/28/2017 Ordinance change NA Map & Text Amendment
4/25/2017 Concept and Preliminary Plat Adjacent to 24480 Baltimore St NE Cemstone Products Co.
4/25/2017 IUP-Chickens 375 195th Ave NE Janet Frank & Anthony Berg
5/16/2017 IUP-Home Occupation 725 Sims Rd NE Robert & Lynn Karasch
Variance - Sidewall Height 19035 Fillmore St NE Eric John Fields
Re-plat Adjacent to 24480 Baltimore St NE Cemstone Products Co/George Wyatt
6/27/2017 Variance - 2nd Driveway access in R1 zoning 19328 Isetta St NE J. Anne Hennessy
6/27/2017 Re-zoning North of Village Green, south of Movie Theatre T&G Land Inc.
 7/18/2017 IUP-Home Occupation 19509 Rochester St NE McTrans, LLC
 7/18/2017 IUP-Exterior Storage in fenced rear yard 20912 Highway 65 NE Pat's Small Engine
7/25/2017 Planned Unit Development 32-33-23-31-0004 East Bethel Village Apartments (apartment complex) and Traditions of East Bethel (assisted living facility)
7/25/2017 Concept and Preliminary Plat 32-33-23-31-0004 Sauter District
8/07/2017 Concept and Preliminary Plat
Sauter District
8/07/2017 Planned Unit Development 32-33-23-31-0004
East Bethel Village apartments and Traditions of East Bethel
8/22/2017 Ordinance Change NA Section 35: Grading, Filling and Excavating
8/22/2017 Ordinance Change NA Chapter 14, Article V
8/22/2017 Ordinance Change NA Article VII, Chapter 74
9/26/2017 Side Yard Setback 546 Beaver Dam Dr NE
Matt Lamb
9/26/2017 Side Yard Setback
20434 Jewell St NE
Andrew Holland
9/26/2017 Side Yard Street Setback
552 Lincoln Dr NE
LRH Industries DBA Smokey's Pub N' Grill CANCELLED
10/24/2017 IUP-Farm Animals 811 221st Ave NE Anna and Robert Welch
11/28/2017 Variance - 2nd Driveway access in R1 zoning
19213 Isetta St NE Robert Saxe
11/28/2017 Concept and Preliminary Plat Sauter Commercial Park 3rd Addition Tom Sauter
12/19/2017 Variance and IUP-Farm Animals 4455 Viking Blvd NE Shelly Beck
12/19/2017 Variance 4360 Thielen Blvd NE Janet and Larry Taff
1/23/2018 Minor Subdivision 32-33-23-21-0016
CD Properties North, LLC
IUP-Home Occupation 22050 Quincy St NE Erryn Magnusen
IUP-Farm Animals 4455 Viking Blvd NE Mary Ekvall and Shelly Beck
3/27/2018 IUP-Home Occupation 4642 200th Ln NE Megan Bollig
IUP-Private Kennel 22857 Sandy Dr NE Sheri Trzebiatowki
Variance-Sign Ord 23488 Ulysses St NE Geralt Shern, Dave Shern, and Cyndi Dooley
New multiple land use district titled "Mixed District" amendment to the Comprehensive Plan NA City of East Bethel
Rezoning from B3 to Mixed District PIDs: 323323310005, 323323310006, 323323310007, 323323310008 Property Owner: T&G Land Inc
Developer: A&J Investments
4/24/2018 Amendment to Comprehensive Plan to amend the Low to Medium Density Residential, Medium Density Residential, Mixed Use, and the Mixed District land use designations to allow for "group residential" and "residential with medical and/or assistive services" land uses. NA City of East Bethel
Front yard setback in RR zoning Variance 22824 3rd St NE Michelle Orlando
Conditional Use Permit 083323430008 Art Torgerson & Son Well Co.
5/22/2018 Re-zoning 9.62 acres at 30-33-23-44-0004, 18811 Jackson St NE, 31-33-23-11-0001 and the southern 4.8 acres of 19001 Jackson St NE, 30-33-23-44-0005
Cambia Hills
5/22/2018 Current Zoning Changes NA City of East Bethel
5/22/2018 Comp Plan NA City of East Bethel
6/26/2018 Holding Tank Variance 188 Dogwood Rd NE Joseph Lund
6/26/2018 IUP - Home occupation 19312 Jackson St NE Greg Comer dba Amain Investments
6/26/2018 RR side yard setback variance 4437 Viking Blvd NE Frank Henrikson
7/24/2018 Sign Variance 21429 Ulysses St NE Dan Richardson of Northway Sports
7/24/2018 Conditional Use Permit 18811 Jackson St NE will be reassigned the address 900 189th Ave NE Mark McLane on behalf of Kraus Anderson
Minor Subdivision 4525 Fawn Lake Dr NE Nancy and Todd Fisher
8/28/2018 IUP - Home occupation 4671 239th Ave NE Amy Kanada
8/28/2018 IUP - Farm Animals 440 Grove Road NE Judy Ozment
8/28/2018 Sign Variance 18635 Ulysses St NE Emagine Theatre
9/25/2018 RR Side Yard Setback Variance 3691 209th Ave NE Steve Jelmberg
9/25/2018 Planned Unit Development and Single Lot Subdivision for a 70 unit Assisted Living and Memory Care Senior Living Apartment Facility. XXXX Taylor St NE
Our Saviour's Evangelical Lutheran Church of East Bethel and Trident Development LLC
9/25/2018 CUP- Repairing Class 8 trucks 18649 Hwy 65 NE Reliable truck Services
10/23/2018 CUP- Business Repairing Dents on Hail Damaged Vehicles 18750 Buchanan St NE Advantage Construction
11/27/2018 Variance- Minimum Street Frontage Requirement 1950 209th Ave NE Lorraine Bonin and Troy Eberhardt
1/22/2019 IUP - Home occupation 1826 183rd Ave NE Luke Rundle DBA Tim's Touch Detailing
1/22/2019 IUP - Home occupation 2859 200th Ave NE Brent Halstensen DBA Blackbeard Construction
 2/15/2019  Subdivision  PIN #s 30-34-23-21-0001, 30-34-23-24-0001 Prairie Pines Subdivision
4/12/2019  IUP - Home Occupation  19448 Isetta St NE Rebelein Home Occupation  
4/12/2019  Ordinance Change   NA  Appendix A Section 13 and Section 10-19 Changes
4/12/2019 IUP- Private Kennel 19615 Taylor St NE Lutz Private Kennel IUP
 Ordinance Change 
 NA   Apendix A, Section 4-10 Variance Changes
 5/17/2019  Variance - Side Yard for Septic System  18531 E. Front Blvd NE  Mercil Setback Variance
6/14/2019  Variance - Frontage Requirements 1945 189th Ave NE  Carlson Variance 
6/14/2019 Variance - Setback Requirements  1903X Channel Ln NE Ladner Variance 
6/14/2019 Variance - Septic Holding Tank  342 Cedar Rd NE  CTW Group Inc. Variance 
6/14/2019 Variance - Septic System Setbacks  197 Forest Rd NE  Miller Variance 
6/14/2019 IUP- Home Occupation  23026 3rd St NE  Kline Home Occupation IUP 
6/14/2019 CUP - Self-service Storage Business  1262 241st Ave NE  MN Built Harris, LLC CUP North Location 

For questions about Planning Commission Public Hearings please contact Erin McDermott by calling (763) 367-7864 or 

Public Hearing Notices are published in the Anoka County Union-Herald 10 or more days prior to the Public Hearing. Public Hearing Notices are mailed out to nearby residents for land use applications for the Planning Commission.
East Bethel Village Apartments (apartment complex) and Traditions of East Bethel (assisted living facility)
East Bethel Village Apartments (apartment complex) and Traditions of East Bethel (assisted living facility)