How do I obtain a burning permit?

Burning permits are regulated by the MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and are issued by Fire Wardens within the city. The East Bethel Fire Department does not issue permits. For information on the status as to whether a permit is required, please visit the DNR website. Permits will not be issued if the DNR has issued a burning ban. You can check the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for current conditions.

Burning permits are not required for recreational fires. To be classified as a recreational fire, the total fuel area must not exceed three feet in diameter with a height of not more than two feet. The term "recreational fire" includes "campfire".

Permits are issued without charge from East Bethel City Hall (2241 221st Ave NE) during regular business hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Burning permits may also be available from a local fire warden.  Please call before showing up to a fire warden's home:

  • Gary and Kathy Stern, 1105 Klondike Drive NE.  Phone: 763-434-7442

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