The Administration Department links all other departments and city employees with the City Council. As provided by the City Code, the City Administrator serves as the chief administrative officer, overseeing all city operations and activities as directed by the City Council. Through implementation of sound fiscal strategies, policy goals, and directives established by the City Council, they work to strengthen the business potential of our city and make the lives of our citizens better. The City Administrator encourages and provides for citizen input regarding city operations, services and programs.

The City Administrator manages the City's workforce, as well as negotiating all labor contracts. This position also provides leadership for the organization by executing the City Council's policies, ordinances, resolutions and service objectives.

In addition to the responsibilities of the day-to-day management of all operations of city government, the Administration Department performs overview of various other statutory duties and functions:

City Code

The East Bethel Code of Ordinances is updated and maintained through the Administration Department.

City Council Packets

The department prepares the agendas and corresponding information packets for all City Council meetings.


The City Administrator and Elections Coordinator administer all federal, state, and local elections for the city.


The Administration Department is the official keeper of all city records and processes all code-required licenses for dogs, liquor establishments, peddlers, massage, tobacco, and more.

Records and Legal Notices

The city's official records are executed, filed, and maintained by the Administration Department, which includes Council minutes, resolutions, and ordinances. This department is also responsible for publishing legal notices, the city newsletter, and newly adopted ordinances. Copies of minutes, agendas, or resolutions can be obtained by contacting City Administration.